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Backing A Loser …

As it turned out, it was another 7 months before I actually left the BBA Group. In the meantime Mum learned how unwell I had been and we agreed that I should go back to live at home. This was fine, except that while I was away, she had been transferred from our local Seniors’… Continue reading Backing A Loser …

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“Beauty” & The Beasts!

To those of you who are following my blog I owe an apology for the hiatus between my last post and this one. It has been a rather tricky time on the home front and my attention has been diverted elsewhere. However, I’m back so I had better get on with it! I was employed… Continue reading “Beauty” & The Beasts!

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Interlude – No Strings!

I’ve reached the end of my childhood in this blog and the reason I haven’t posted for a while is that I’ve been “taking stock” and thinking hard about how to proceed from here. We’re approaching some of the most traumatic years of my life – years which I believe are both the result of… Continue reading Interlude – No Strings!

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Farewell To Academe

Before I move on, I want to tell you what happened when I returned to Walthamstow Girls’ High School that one last time to sit my two early ‘O’ Levels. I stayed with my Dad the night before the exams – luckily I was able to sit them both on the same day – and… Continue reading Farewell To Academe

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On The Road Again …

I have had a week or so off from the blog for “The Festive Season” – blogging while under the influence of “Festive Cheer” is a short road to disaster, as I’m sure you’ll agree. However, I have made a significant breakthrough this holiday which I’m fairly sure I can attribute to the cathartic effect… Continue reading On The Road Again …

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Not A Freeman’s Daughter

Throughout my life I have found it extremely difficult to deal with people who were disposed to bully me. Bullying has been a recurring theme in both my school and my working life, although I am not what you would call the archetypal victim. Again – I’m not sure if this arises from my BPD… Continue reading Not A Freeman’s Daughter

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Bully For Me (Not!)

When Mum and I returned from our brief sojourn in Yorkshire, Mum and Dad decided to have marriage counselling with a view to getting their relationship back on track. In addition, and I believe, partly as a result of the aspirin incident, I was sent off to see a Child Psychiatrist as it was felt… Continue reading Bully For Me (Not!)

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An “Up & Down” Existence …

For the next year or two, the exact chronology of events is a little hazy, so please forgive me if I appear to leap-frog back and forth in time. It’s also from this point onward that things become a little darker and more serious, so once again, forgive me if my humour is a little… Continue reading An “Up & Down” Existence …